The blue moon effect

I try not to swear too much on here, but this week is so crazy!  What the fuck is going on this week?!?

Where to begin?  A friend just had a root canal.  A relative is having oral surgery that’s even worse than a root canal.  A friend’s kitten is dying.  A relative of a relative passed away.  A friend had a miscarriage.  A friend had a baby.  A friend got laid off.  A friend got married.  And that’s not to mention my own medication side effects and, even worse, my grandmother’s sudden trip to the hospital (she’s ok now, but she almost didn’t make it.)

So I’m thinking it’s something like a full moon, or maybe a blue moon, and an eclipse, and the stars all lining up in some weird way…. I don’t know.  It’s just too strange, though.  How is it that so many of the major people in my life are having major life events this week?

Now here’s the strangest part of all.  This is the CI-related part.  This is the part that I can’t get used to.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that everyone cares.  But when a friend calls up, as she did about 45 minutes ago, and says in a pain-filled and drug-filled voice that she just had a root canal, but then keeps asking how I’m feeling, something must be wrong.  When my mother calls me after a night of crying at her mother’s hospital bedside and asks how I’m feeling, something must be wrong.  And when a friend calls up to tell me that she had a baby about 16 hours ago, and wants to know how I’m feeling, something must be wrong.

So now I have to wonder, does their own stress cause them to think more about me, or have I declined in some way that I’m not seeing, and it concerns them?  I appreciate their concern, but these are events that should have me focused on them, not the other way around.

How can I get them to stop worrying about me?  Maybe it’s not possible.  But I’m going to try, because I’ll be damned if my ongoing health issues are the center of attention all the time.  Sometimes, yes.  All the time, not a chance.  This is a time to focus on my friends and family.  Screw the blue moon eclipse thingy.

But I’m starting to wonder… what news will the next phone call bring?


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