A little snuggle goes a long way

I had a nightmare last night. It happens from time to time. Sometimes it’s easy to go back to sleep, but often it’s not. Last 2015-08-20 22.19.09night was easier than usual, thanks to the handsome guy in the photo.

I happen to be dog-sitting this week. This adorable fellow was asleep, with his little tongue sticking out (isn’t that cute?) at the foot of the bed right around the time I went to sleep. Hours later I woke up, startled and upset. Before I could even remember where I was, he got up from the foot of the bed, came over to me, and cuddled up by my chest. I reached out to pet him, and he began licking my arm.

Before I had time to think about it, I was asleep again. I woke up hours later with this guy back at the foot of the bed. I don’t know when he moved. I just know he was there when I needed him.

How lucky can a girl get?

4 Responses to A little snuggle goes a long way

  1. stuckintexas says:

    Dogs are fantastic companions. My poodle seems to know when I’m having a panic attack. He climbs up on me and snuggles up on my chest, his head pressing against my chin.

    Ahh unconditional love!!

  2. stuckintexas says:

    He’s a miniature, the middle size. I’ve had poodles my whole life bc of allergies.

    I got this one when I became too disabled to work. I trained him to be my companion, so he spends all day on my lap pretty much! He will call (whine) to my husband if I need him. He will pick up things I drop.

    I can’t imagine life without him!!

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