How strange to bleed

Every time I have a “normal” injury, I’m surprised to bleed. You see, most of my symptoms are invisible, or nearly invisible. I might get pale or shaky, but that’s usually it.

Saturday night was a bad night. Horrible nausea. Diarrhea. Body temperature fluctuations. I was mi2015-08-18 18.20.58serable.

Sunday night wasn’t as bad as Saturday, but it wasn’t pleasant. More Diarrhea. More body temperature changes. Less-severe-but-still-there nausea.

But Monday night was much better. I felt ok! So I decided to take a short walk. I didn’t want to push myself or push my luck, but I needed to get out of the house a bit. I made it about two blocks when my ankle turned and down I went. In the end I was fine, but what initially struck me was the sight of the big scrape on my leg. I’m so used to the invisibility of my symptoms, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. On the way home, I got a couple of funny looks. People could see the blood on my leg. Usually I suffer in silence and no one knows that anything is wrong. This time they knew.

It wasn’t a big deal. There was only a little blood. It stung last night, but now it seems ok. You can even see that in the picture, taken 23 hours later, it’s not so bad. And yet, it looks a lot worse than what I usually go through.

How odd.

2 Responses to How strange to bleed

  1. I hear you. After what I went through with my UC, falling off a sidewalk and breaking a bone in my foot seemed like nothing – I even went out to dinner before heading to the ER. People thought I was nuts.

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