About this Web Site

This web site is written by, for, and about those with chronic illnesses (CIs).  It has been created for three reasons:

1) To give Ms. Rants a way to vent her anger and frustration without further annoying her friends and family.  She suspects her friends and family will thank her for this.

2) To give readers a way to vent their anger and frustration, as well as to give them a sense of community and the knowledge that others feel the way they do.

3) To educate those without CIs about what they should (and what they should not) say and do.

Please leave comments!  Comments will be posted as long as they:

1) Are relevant to the topic of this web site.

2) Do not contain inappropriate language.  “Inappropriate” will be defined and determined by Ms. Rants.

3) Do not insult minority groups or others.

Ms. Rants wants to hear from you!  Please comment!  And please follow her on Twitter at @CIRants and say hi at msrants at gmail dot com

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