Focusing on 3 good things

I’m having an off day.  I guess we all have those sometimes.  Ok, I’ve had a bunch of them lately, but who’s counting?

So in an effort to get myself back on track, I’ve decided to focus on the positive.  I’m keeping it simple with just 3 things that went well today.  There are many more I could write out, but for now I’m just focusing on these 3.

  1. Alert, productive, sunny morning.  I seem to get sleep and foggy-brained in the afternoons, but my mornings have been ok.  I’m trying to take advantage of that, and this morning I was actually productive and got some things done.  And the sun always helps.  It was great to see that bright blue sky.
  2. Kittens!  I visited with a friend and played with her little kittens while I was there.  I’ve never been a cat person.  Some are ok, 
    and a few I even like, but I definitely prefer dogs.  There’s something about this orange one, though… I’m totally in love.  Playing with adorable kittens definitely perked up my day.
  3. Laundry.  Yep, I’m considering laundry a positive thing.  I have clean clothes, I  won’t have to worry when I open my underwear drawer tomorrow, and best of all, I was able to do it without completely wearing myself out.  That’s cause for celebration if there ever was one.  Plus, after a week of putting it off, I can finally cross this off my to do list.


Like I said, there were other good things, like good conversations with friends, but to keep it simple, I’m only listing 3.  Wow, I feel better.  It helps to focus on the good things for a change.  What are your 3 positive things from today?

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