How chicken ruined my laundry plan

The plan was simple: breakfast then rest then laundry then lunch then more laundry then more rest. I’d scheduled today for laundry several days ago. I was ready. I was desperate. I was running out of clean, comfortable underwear.

It started out ok. I ate breakfast, and rested, but then I was really cold so I took a hot shower, so I had to rest some more. I was starting to get the clothes ready, but then I remembered that I meant to get dinner started in the crockpot. I set aside 20140102_214125the laundry prep and headed to the kitchen. This is the easiest way for me to “cook.” I just throw some ingredients in the crockpot and then leave it for 6 hours or so. But as I was getting it ready, I realized what the odd smell in my kitchen had been – the chicken was no good.

Crap. Now what? I had two issues: I couldn’t make dinner and I had smelly, expensive chicken in my kitchen. The first wasn’t too bad. I had other food, so I didn’t mind waiting. But I needed to return that chicken. It was too expensive to throw out, and I didn’t want it smelling up my kitchen. I was too tired now for laundry, so I figured I’d do that after lunch, then return the chicken. But that was no good. What if I was too tired to leave the house? Better to do the thing that meant leaving the house, I decided, and do the indoor chore after. So I returned the chicken.

Once I got to the store it was quick and easy. I bought new chicken breasts that I can put in the crockpot tomorrow. No worries. I needed to stop at another store while I was out, but I was just too tired. I’d been pretty active the last 4 days, and 4 consecutive days of leaving the house is my limit. Often I can’t even manage 4. Today was #5. Oh boy. So I skipped that second errand.

And now it’s almost 4pm. My neighbors will be coming home in the next couple of hours, which means I’ll have more competition for the washing machines and dryers. My brain is saying I should just do the laundry and get it overwith, but my body is just So. Damn. Tired. I’m still hoping to do laundry later today but first, I think I’ll go lay on the couch and watch some tv. It’s not my first choice. In fact, if I’m not going to do laundry then I’d rather read my book, make some phone calls, work on an article I was asked to write for a newsletter, or even play solitaire. But I’m just too tired, so I’ll be resting on the couch. And if I can’t do laundry today, then tomorrow I’ll just have to wear the too-small underwear that rides up my butt. So be it.

I blame the chicken.

Note: If you’re tempted to suggest I use a laundry service, read this.

4 Responses to How chicken ruined my laundry plan

  1. Yup – baaaad chicken! (Your last line made me laugh. Thank you.)

  2. Karen J says:

    I hear ya!
    My particular set of limitations and complications is different (obviously) but it’s as real in my life as yours are for you!


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