Some things I wish were covered by health insurance

I look at the many, many medical thing I pay for that aren’t covered by insurance, and I wonder why they aren’t covered. I would think that most of these would be cost-effective for the insurance company. I won’t go into the financial aspects now, but I just want to mention a few of the things that I think should be covered. Please add your own in the comments!

  • Supplements. If prescription medications are covered with a copay, why aren’t supplements? My doctors all want me to take multivitamins, vitamin D, calcium, and others. They tell me to. Yet the supplements aren’t covered.
  • Massage therapy. Ok, I found out yesterday that it’s covered, but only if I get a prescription for physical therapy, find a physical therapist who does massage therapy, and get it billed as a physical therapy session. And it counts as part of my physical therapy sessions for the year, which aren’t unlimited, so that means I’ll get fewer other physical therapy sessions. But I think it’s necessary. It’s expensive, so I only do it 1-2 times per year, even though my doctors and physical therapists say I should do it 1-2 times per month. A few days ago, my neck hurt so much that I could barely turn my head. After today’s massage therapy, I feel so much better. I can turn my head again!
  • Acupuncture. This has been one of only two things that has ever helped my chronic pain, and yet it’s not covered! I can go to a pain clinic under insurance, even though it won’t help, but they won’t pay for acupuncture treatments.
  • Marijuana. In fairness, medical marijuana is new in my state, but I still doubt insurance will cover it any time soon. They pay for all sorts of painkillers that have lousy side effects and that don’t do much to help me, but they don’t pay for marijuana, which is the only thing besides acupuncture that helps the pain. I don’t use it often, but when I need it, I want to have it handy, without worrying about the ability to pay for it.
  • Orthodics. My insurance covers a visit to the podiatrist and it covers physical therapy. But for some odd reason it does not cover my orthodics, even though they are completely necessary to prevent all sorts of problems. I am completely lost as to why they aren’t covered.
  • More mental health visits. I get so few, it doesn’t even seem worth going. I’d run out just as the doctor was starting to know me, and I wouldn’t be able to pay out of pocket, so why bother? So I’m missing out on useful treatments because of inadequate coverage.
  • Naturopaths. I can’t really blame the insurance company here, but I still wish naturopaths were covered, like they are in other states and in other countries. Unfortunately, the state of Massachusetts won’t license naturopaths, despite all of the good they can do, so insurance doesn’t cover them. That means that I have to pay out of pocket, even though my naturopath has been more helpful than the 10 previous doctors I had seen, combined.
  • Various tests. There are many very valid tests that aren’t covered by insurance. Some are used in medical research. For certain things, they are more accurate than the covered blood tests. The insurance company will cover the inaccurate blood test, but not the saliva test or urine test that’s more accurate. Lovely.

Those are a few of the things I wish my health insurance covered. I know I’m lucky. I have one of the best health insurance plans in the state, and access to pretty decent care. Still, after rent well over half of my spending is for medical care, and that’s even with health insurance. So yeah, I wish this other stuff was covered. What about you? What do you wish was covered by your health insurance?

One Response to Some things I wish were covered by health insurance

  1. Karen J says:

    Indeed, such impenetrable “logic” behind insurance co. decisions ~ it makes my head hurt!

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