Why I can’t get comfy for sleep: too many body parts

When I got into bed last night, I went through my nightly ritual of trying to get comfortable. And I wondered how many other people go through the same thing night after night.

Some nights I have a lot of extra pain. I’m not talking about those nights. No, I’m talking about the nights that I have my 20130828_171154typical levels of aches and pains. These are the aches and pains that I can mostly ignore while I’m sitting up and moving around, but it gets harder when I lay down and gravity seems to work in different ways.

The lower half of my body isn’t too bad. It’s achy, but I can rearrange myself easily enough. It’s the top half of my body that just feels too crowded. I have to find places for my arms and for my hands, and I have to arrange them around, over, or under my head. My too-big boobs always get in the way. No two nights are the same. One night I can have my hand under my head, the next night that hurts. Some nights I can bend my fingers, some nights I can’t. Some nights I’m feeling overheated and I keep my arms out of the covers, other nights I’m cold and I curl up tight under all of the blankets. Some nights the weight of the blankets feels great, and some nights it causes extra pain. Some nights I can sleep on my stomach, others I need to sleep on my side. Some nights I sleep naked, others I sleep with pjs. Some nights I can shift my boobs around, others they just won’t get out of the way.

Maybe healthy people have this problem too. I wouldn’t know. What I do know is that every night I play a little game of body origami as I try to stretch, bend, and rearrange my body parts in a way that lets me sleep somewhat comfortably without triggering extra pain, and without my body parts getting in the way of one another. So far, most nights, it works out in the end. I sure hope that continues!

One Response to Why I can’t get comfy for sleep: too many body parts

  1. Megan S says:

    I always struggle to get comfy either due to pain levels or just because I can’t work out what to do with my arms and legs thanks to the heaviness and over exhaustion.

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