Remembering that my body has “normal” problems too

I have a high pain tolerance. I guess it’s necessary when you live with chronic pain. That’s probably why I barely noticed yesterday when my knee hurt and I found myself limping a bit. And yet, ripping the tape off my arm after a blood test today was terrible. I hate doing that! Sometimes it’s those little, everyday things that make me pause and remember that despite all of my illnesses, I still have a non-ill body too. And yesterday was a great reminder of that.

After a long break, I had a sex date yesterday. I wrote before about my sexual relationship with D. We’re friends, too, so we’d been texting and emailing, but due to personal problems on his end, we stopped sleeping together for a bit. After more than two months, we were finally going to see each other again! I was so excited. I picked out what to wear. I thought about fun ways to greet him. I indulged in lovely fantasies. (By the way, that’s a great way to pass the time when you have no job to go to.) I considered my health. I made sure to get lots of sleep. My pain levels were ok, and so was the fatigue. The long-lasting cold (thanks to my malfunctioning immune system) was finally over. I was ready! The big date day finally arrived…. and so did my period!

When you’re dealing with unpredictable chronic illnesses, there are so many things that can go wrong. I’m constantly on the lookout for those. Sometimes they affect my plans and sometimes they don’t, but I always try to be prepared. It just never occurred to me to prepare for anything so mundane as my period, something that could affect even “healthy” women.

In the end I was lucky. D isn’t squirmish and told me to do whatever I felt comfortable with. Thankfully, due to the hormones I take for PCOS, my period is very light (though not entirely predictable.) It dampened my libido a bit, but not enough to ruin things. We had a great time and, aside from some sleep deprivation, I feel great.

Now I need to remember the lesson I just learned: even sick people can have non-sick problems. Strange but true.

3 Responses to Remembering that my body has “normal” problems too

  1. anet37 says:

    How nice to have a normal problem. It’s always a surprise when it’s not the RA. I blame everything on it myself

  2. Aaagh! Nothing like an unwanted visit from “Flo.” Glad the guy was evolved about it. I have canceled dates if they were going to take place during the first four days; an endometriosis period is heavy and yuck and crampy. Then again, not so many years until menopause, at which point I ‘ll probably mourn the loss of the damned thing.

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