This never happened: When healthcare is about health

We (society) throw around the term “healthcare” a lot in political debates, media, and daily life. We use it to mean all care related to our health, but that’s not what “healthcare” really is.

Occasionally, though, someone flouts convention and choose to focus on actual health. I forget how rare this is until I 11-24-2014 10-18-13 PMregister my own surprise when it happens. Today was one of those days.

I’ve been having trouble adjusting to my new CPAP setup. The doctor suggested I get fitted for a different type of mask. The CPAP company has a guy, C, who handles this. I met with him for my original mask fitting. He came to my house to set up the CPAP the first time around. He came out to fix the CPAP when I had problems. He came back with the new setup last month. And today I saw him for another mask fitting. We greeted each other like old friends.

C showed me my two options and explained how they worked. He took his time, as if he had no other appointments. He answered every question. He never rushed me or made me feel bad for asking so many questions. Isn’t that how it should always be. But it isn’t.

I chose a new mask, excited, as always, at the prospect of improved sleep. C rummaged through a drawer, searching for the right type and size, and pulled out a new mask. He ripped open the bag, and I commented on how I didn’t expect to walk out with a new mask. He said, “This never happened,” and I grinned and agreed. It wasn’t the first time someone in the medical field had said that to me when giving me proper healthcare, and I doubt it will be the last.

The insurance coverage of a CPAP is incredibly complicated, but at best they replace the mask and tubing once every three months. The filter only gets replaced every 6 months, I think, and the machine should last for several years. I figured I was 6 weeks away from qualifying from a new mask. I asked C about that, and he explained that this never happened, and that he’d submit the paperwork next month, when the insurance would cover it. I suppose I’ll have to make this mask last longer than it should so that my supply schedule will line up with the insurance paperwork. But for now, I’m just so excited to try out the new mask tonight!

C knows his job. He knows what boundaries he can push. That’s clear. But he also clearly wants to help patients. He didn’t have to give me that mask. He gets nothing in return, except the knowledge that he’s helping me. So why did he do it?

No, that’s the wrong question. The question is, why doesn’t everyone else do it?

Nope, wrong again. The real question is, why is it necessary to do it? Why must someone break the rules to provide good healthcare? Why doesn’t our system focus on health as a top priority?

If our system focused on health, a new CPAP mask for me would be covered. So would many other things. I began to list them here, but why bother? We know what they are. I’ve discussed them so many times before. And they aren’t the point, at least not individually. It isn’t simply about what’s paid for, but an attitude. I would like medical appointments that aren’t rushed, doctors who don’t have to worry about malpractice suits at every turn, and practitioners to consult with their colleagues on every case to be sure that nothing is missed. I want to see a system where the goal of every examination, test, treatment, and discussion is optimizing the patient’s health.

Because what’s healthcare, if it’s not about optimizing health?

2 Responses to This never happened: When healthcare is about health

  1. Ha, you can get that kind of good care if you’re rich. Pay doctors spend more time with patients and run more tests. The system is completely skewed in favor of the wealthy, and the people who are too disabled to work often get the worst care.

    • chronicrants says:

      Good point. I was reading up on a local center that’s supposed to be great for MTHFR issues, but you having to pay a membership fee to be seen, and that’s on top of what they charge insurance. It’s so frustrating!

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