Bring on the LTD fight

I don’t get truly angry very often, but today was one of those days.  I’m not talking about getting a bit mad.  This isn’t about being pissed off or annoyed.  I’m talking about blood boiling, can’t stop shouting, punching things kind of angry.  But without the punching, since my joints can’t take it.  But if I could, I’d have punched some pillows, or maybe worse.

To be honest, I never expected it to be easy to get my long term disability (LTD) claim approved.  I assumed they would make it difficult.  I didn’t expect to encounter pure ineptitude, though.  It is infuriating!

I won’t go into the details.  They aren’t that interesting to an outsider and I’d just get mad if I typed them all out again.  Basically, the LTD insurance company uses a separate company to get my medical records.  I was told they use this company because they can follow up with the doctors’ offices more frequently than the LTD insurance agency can.  Too bad this isn’t true.  As it turns out, this company hasn’t been following up.  I spoke today to a doctor’s office who contacted this company on APRIL 30!, then was never called back.  When the company did receive records from another doctor, they misplaced them and only realized it when they turned up 3 weeks later!  Until the records appeared, these people were saying that they hadn’t received the records at all.  Like I said: inept.

In all, this company’s ineptitude has set my claim back at least 5 weeks.  That’s based on the setbacks that I know of.  My guess is that there are others that I haven’t discovered yet.  But I will.

I don’t plan on taking this lying down.  First, I contacted the LTD insurance company and made it clear that from now on, I will handle anything that horrible company would have done.  They are to have nothing at all to do with my claim from now on.

Second, as soon as my claim is approved (no point in ruffling feathers before that) I am going to call the CEO of that inept company, I am going to file complaints with the LTD insurance company, and I am going to report that company to every regulatory agency that I can think of.  How dare they make worse a time that is already so difficult for people?  And don’t get me started on the idea of such inept people handling so much confidential information!

It took a lot of heavy pacing, a lot of nasty words, a lot of venting to a friend, and a lot of effort, but I have finally managed to reduce my anger to mere… well, at least to a lower level of anger.  I am certainly not doing this for those idiots, though; I’m doing it for me.  I need to relax and take care of my body.  And then when the time comes, I will definitely hold them accountable.

2 Responses to Bring on the LTD fight

  1. I’m so sorry you’re going through this struggle. It’s not fair that just when we feel our worst, we’re somehow expected to deal with so much red tape. Watch your stress level, but keep that fire within yourself burning; you’ll need the fuel to fight back against this nonsense when the time comes.

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