6 consecutive days of physical therapy!

I’ll admit there were times I just “didn’t feel like” doing my exercises.  And yes, there were days when I legitimately felt like shit.  And sure, there were days when I felt lousy and probably could have pushed myself to do PT, but moving really was tough.  Of course, there were also the days that I “meant” to do it, but somehow never got around to it.

And then there’s today.

When I started going to physical therapy a few months ago, I decided to make more of an effort this time around.  I printed out a calendar from the web, and I bought stickers.  Just like when I was a kid, I got a sticker every time I did something.  In this case the reward isn’t some toy, it’s my health.  It’s easy to forget that, of course, because the reward isn’t immediate, but the truth is, I’m starting to feel the PT working.

I’ve been pretty good about doing the exercises at home on the days I feel well.  Sure, I’ve skipped a day here or there, but doesn’t everyone?  But yesterday I looked at the calendar week by week, and noticed that I mostly do the exercises 2 or 3 times a week, sometimes 4, and that just isn’t good enough!  I also noticed that I was already doing really well, so that pushed me to keep going.

And then there was today.

Today is the kind of day when I would normally have skipped PT.  I left the house a bit earlier than usual.  I had a busy afternoon.  I was busy and productive at home.  I forgot about the exercises.  Then I was having dinner and I had to digest.  But I pushed through, and at 9pm, I did it!  I broke my own record and did PT exercises for the 6th day in a row!

Now the pressure’s on.

I’m writing this in a public place so that maybe I’ll feel even more motivation to keep going.  I’ll give myself days off when I legitimately don’t feel up to PT, but otherwise, I’m pushing through.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if I could do PT tomorrow and complete and entire week?!

So not only is my posture getting better and my muscles getting stronger, but I’m feeling damn proud of myself, too.  Woo hoo!

4 Responses to 6 consecutive days of physical therapy!

  1. Karen J says:

    Soo…. How ya doin’ with the PT exercises?

    • chronicrants says:

      Not so great, unfortunately. My fatigue and willpower both went downhill, so I was only doing it 2-3 times per month recently. I’ve been trying to ramp it up, but I was out of commission with a stomach bug all week (see today’s post.) I’m aiming to get back into PT when I’ve got my strength back, hopefully next week. Thanks for asking 🙂

  2. Karen J says:

    I hope the stomach crud is getting better!
    I’ve recently discovered the joys of “yoga-on-TV” 🙂
    Particularly, a couple of shows from Veria Living: “Yoga Sutra Now” and “Rock Your Yoga”.
    The instructors’ gentle and completely non-judgemental voices and detailed explanations of the why’s and wherefore’s of the poses seeps in, even if I’m not paying careful attention, or even watching. (I use TV as “aural wallpaper” a lot – while I’m doing something else, in the other room).
    The added *awareness* of even the tiniest parts of my body and how they relate to each other has definitely helped me “feel better about myself” lately.

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