My personal cure-all

We all know there’s no such thing as a cure-all.  If there were, we’d all know about it and be getting it.  Still, I’d like to think that everyone has something that will make them feel at least a little bit better.  It might be a certain movie, a piece of artwork, or a friend.  For me, it’s dogs.

I’m not suggesting that dogs cure me.  That would be ridiculous.  But if I feel good, dogs make me happier.  If I feel bad, they make me feel a little less bad.  This has been a tough week, but spending the evening with a sweet dog who I love, plus a new puppy, made me feel so much better.  No, I’m not completely well, but I’m better than I was before seeing the dogs, and I’m certain that I’m better than I would have been if they weren’t there.

There’s one dog in particular who is amazing.  He’s very intuitive.  When someone is ill, he comforts them.  My parents are very lucky to have him.  When I have been at their house while ill, he will stay by my side.  He’s often a lap dog, but eventually he wants to play.  When I feel sick, though, he just curls up by my side, his little furry body radiating warmth and love, and I start to feel better.  He just stays there until I start to improve.  There are studies that say petting a dog or a cat can lower a person’s blood pressure.  I don’t need to read a study.  I feel it every time he jumps into my lap.

So yes, I am the absurd 30-something who will stop strangers on the street and ask to pet their dog.  But why not?  It makes me feel better, it makes me happy, the dogs love the attention, and the owners love hearing strangers say how sweet their dog is.  Everyone wins.  We all need something that makes us feel better, and for me it comes in a furry form.  I can’t have a dog of my own (I’m not well enough to care for it) but I’ll spend time with others’ dogs whenever I can.  They are amazing animals.

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