Planning. Or not. Well, maybe.

I took a quick look at my calendar for next week, just to see.  There are things I want to do after work on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Hmm, I might be able to do all three.  Probably not.  That takes a lot of energy that I don’t have.  And it’s summer, with it’s draining heat.  How to choose?  Planning on two nights sounds good.  The two I most want are on Tuesday and Wednesday.  But those are consecutive days, which is a bad idea.  And then I might be too worn out for work on Thursday and Friday.  But I don’t need to give 100% at my job anyway, so maybe this could work?  Ok, what’s my first choice….?  Wednesday.  Definitely Wednesday.  Maybe Tuesday is a bad idea then.  I don’t want to risk missing Wednesday.  So…. Wednesday and Friday?  That gives me the thing I want most and my third choice, which would still be a lot of fun.  But Friday’s thing is far away from my job and my apartment.  So is Tuesday’s.

Does this sound familiar?  I’m guessing a lot of CIers go through this on a regular basis.  I feel like I’ve been doing it forever.  I’ve heard stories of 20- and 30-somethings who go out all the time.  You probably have, too.  I even know people who do.  It’ll never be me, and that’s ok, but it would be nice to at least do the few things I want to do, or at least to do some of them without the crazy planning and calculations based on a ton of unknown variables.  I just hope I don’t have to cancel on anyone at the last minute.  Again.

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