Your molehill is my mountain

I’m exhausted.  After a full day of work, I walked just over a half mile, while carrying stuff (purse, sweater, book, etc.).  I did errands, then walked more than a half mile back.  It wasn’t very hot, but it was a bit humid.  It was just over a mile, and I did it!

I know people who jog 3 miles for fun.  I know people who run marathons.  I know people who take a walk after dinner to relax and end up going more than 2 miles round trip.  That’s great for them.  But this is me.

Six years ago, I finally got the “something is better than nothing” message drilled into my head by one of my doctors, so I started small.  I spent about 10-15 minutes walking 1/4 mile twice a week.  That was the most I could manage then.  I gradually built up.  Now, some days I can walk a lot more and some days a lot less.  Some days, I can barely walk from my couch to my kitchen.  Other days, a mile feels like nothing.  So what does that make today?  It makes today better than some days and worse than others, and definitely a reason to celebrate.  It makes today a success. There may be a day when walking a mile is a completely unattainable goal.  Now, I’m going to live it up while I can.

A mile!  Yay me!

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