A little consideration

It happens every day.  A slightly older woman got onto the T (the subway) and was clearly not completely steady on her feet.  She looked around for an empty seat.  She came over to one which was wet (I prefer not to consider the possible reasons for that.)  I wanted to help, but I was standing too.  Most people were either too wrapped up in their own books, phones, games, lives to notice, or else they pretended not to notice.  Like I said, it happens every day.  And then a woman looked right over, signaled to this lady, and offered her seat.  The lady declined, said she’d be fine.  The woman simply said “If you change your mind, let me know.”  She was kind, respectful, thoughtful.  The lady was clearly appreciative.  I was a bystander, but it warmed my heart all the same.

The next time you’re on a train or bus, look up.  If you see someone who needs a seat and you’re capable of standing, remember how lucky you are to have the option to stand, and offer your seat.  You’ll feel better and so will they.

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