You know what happens when you assume…..

There’s a saying about what happens when you assume… I’ll let you Google it.  Why do people always assume that if you look healthy, then you are healthy?  Every time someone makes a comment like that, it hurts twice.  “You’re young, so this won’t be a problem for you.”  First, I have to deal with explaining why it is a problem.  Worse, it’s a reminder of what I should be able to do.  Yeah, “should” doesn’t exist.  I shouldn’t think about it.  But most of us do, right?  The “should” already haunts me.  I don’t need a stranger to bring it up.  For you folks without a CI, please don’t make any assumptions.  Just because someone isn’t in a wheelchair, it doesn’t mean they’re completely physically, mentally, or emotionally able to do everything you think they can.  I’d rather not have to print it on a t-shirt to make people aware.

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