Could a new pain be isolated?

Sitting at my computer has become more painful, now that I can’t find a comfortable position for my foot. I didn’t fall or trip or do anything else to it, but one day it started hurting. Usually my pain is in joints or in more “common” areas like my back and neck. The top of my foot was a new one. So I waited for it to away.

But it didn’t go away. I meant to mention it to my new podiatrist when I went to get examined for new orthodics, but I was so excited about the orthodics that I forgot to mention it. When I went to pick up the new orthodics 2 weeks later, I still had the pain, and this time I remembered to mention it. She said that the area I’m pointing is actually related to joint. Immediately, alarm bells went off in my mind. A joint?? Could I really have a new joint acting up?? She explained that there was a ligament there that had probably gotten stretched too far some how. She said it should fix itself within a few weeks, but it had already been a few weeks. The next step would be to immobilize the foot. Um, no thanks! Well ok, I might have. But first she wants to see if the new orthodics help. I sure hope they do!

But in the meantime, I’m left to wonder if this new problem is isolated or if it’s part of my connective tissue issues. It’s possible that it’s isolated, right? Right? I mean, if an otherwise-healthy person can have this problem, then I can too, right? Right?

But it’s also possible, even likely, that it’s an extension of the pain that I already have in my wrists, toes, knees, fingers…. Every few years I get pain in a new set of joints and it doesn’t go away. It can’t be “healed.” I haven’t had any new joints join the list in several years so I’ve been lulled into thinking this might be it. But I should know better. Despite all of my hard work and all of my improvements, I still have the same autoimmune diseases, whatever they are, that caused the problems in the first place. I’ve always assumed that sooner or later all of my joints would succumb to this. I just hoped it would be later rather than sooner. And when I pictured it, I didn’t picture this particular spot of pain that I never knew existed in relation to a joint.

This isn’t the end of the world. Actually, in my world, it’s relatively minor. The pain isn’t actually what’s bothering me at this particular moment. What’s bothering me is that I don’t know how to proceed. If the orthodics don’t help (and with my luck, they probably won’t) then should I bother to immobilize the foot? That wouldn’t be good – I wouldn’t be able to wear my new orthodics, it would throw off my balance, it would probably aggravate my hip, and it would be a real bitch to deal with in the cold, snow, and ice that come with Boston winters. And it probably wouldn’t do a damn bit of good. But then again, if there’s even the tiniest chance that it could help, that I might be preventing future pain, don’t I owe it to my future self to try?

Or would I just be deluding myself by thinking there was a chance this could possibly be an isolated condition?

Sadly, it’s a situation that we with chronic illness have to deal with far too often. Every pain, every extra-tired day, every ear infection or sore throat or sneeze or…. we have to question it all. My foot is simply today’s question.

6 Responses to Could a new pain be isolated?

  1. Lorna says:

    You know your body the best, I would include this new pain as part of the disease and treat it as so and do what you usually do if your feet flare.
    When my feet were badly inflamed and I had to wear slippers at work I used to love to put them in a bowl of ice water when I came home. If my hip flares, I know I have to have bed rest for at least a day to ease it.
    So be careful of your orthotics, try around the house and see how your foot goes.
    For us chronically ill people there is usually a connection between most things.
    Take care xx

  2. Casey says:

    The top of my foot is one of my usual flares ever since I sprained my foot about 10-12 years ago & found out that I have an extra bone in my foot (so when it gets inflammed, that extra bone sometimes gets stuck in the “normal” joint). When my foot pain flares, there’s not much I can do because immobilizing flares everything else up worse than usual 😛

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