Lost days

I usually post something each day, but yesterday wasn’t quite normal.

For a while, I would get sick with some sort of cold several times a year.  Then the chronic illnesses changed.  Now, I get sick once or twice a year, and several other times a year, when I start to get a bug, I feel a certain type of…. well, I don’t know how to describe it.  But when I feel it, if I listen to my body, and get as much sleep as possible (usually 12-15 hours), then spend the entire next day resting, I can usually avoid the bug.  And that was yesterday and today.  I left work early yesterday, and didn’t touch the computer all day.  No email, no Facebook, no Twitter (@CIRants), nothing.  I just had no desire for any sort of contact with the outside world.  Instead, I watched tv and movies.  Luckily, I had Fred and Ginger to entertain me (and if you’ve never seen them dance, you should.)

Anyway, after 12 hours of sleep, I finally go up this morning feeling much better.  Actually, I would have liked to sleep even more, but I was very hungry.  I can sleep through a lot of things, but not a rumbling stomach, especially my own.  Unfortunately, even though I did feel a lot better, I didn’t feel quite right, and I know from experience that I had to stay in and rest all day.  I cancelled plans.  I stayedindoors on a gorgeous day.  I didn’t do anything productive: no laundry, no cooking, not even catching up on emails.  As I write this, I am missing a party that I had looked forward to for months.  But what’s the alternative?  If I went out, I know I’d get sick, and that would be worse.  This way, I might be ok tomorrow.  Still, I hate to lose time like this.  So much for my Saturday.  I wouldn’t mind missing plans occasionally, but it’s been happening more and more often lately.

My big frustration is that I put so much energy into working, and then I miss out on life.  I’d much rather it be the other way around.  I’m working on that.  I’m sure there’s a way.  I just don’t know yet what it is.  In the meantime, I’m hoping to leave the house tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Lost days

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