How do you do the basics?

How do you manage the basics of life?  Really, I want to know.

Today my issue is laundry.  I’m ok for a few more days, but it does have to happen soon.  Very soon.  I planned to do it last night, but it was so humid out, and humidity triggers all sorts of symptoms.  I have a/c in my apartment, but unfortunately I do not have laundry in my apartment.  I’m lucky to have laundry machines in the basement of my apartment building, but it does get very hot down there, and carrying laundry to and from the basement would be bad.

I have some options.

  • I could do laundry at my parents’ house, with their lovely central a/c (I just have window units), but that’s inconvenient.  I have weekend plans that I would have to give up, since they live close, but not that close.  Driving out to them on a weekday after work is out of the question – that’s way too much strain for my body.  
  • I could go out and by some new socks and underwear.  Of course, I could spend that same time driving to my parents’ house.  
  • I could could suck it up and do laundry now, and just deal with suffering the consequences.
  • I could wear dirty clothes for a while.  (Hey, I never said these were good options.)
  • I could ask for help from a family member or friend.  I suck at asking for help.

What do you do in these kinds of situations?  I’d love some input.  I’m at a loss.

One Response to How do you do the basics?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I vote for asking for help!

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