Dating in the CI world

How do you date when you have chronic illnesses?  I’ve been doing it for years, and I’m still not sure what the answer it.  I read this post today, and it made be wonder how others get from single-and-scared to married/in a relationship.  How do they cross that huge barrier?

I’d like to to think that if someone could get to know me without knowing about my illnesses, they’d come to love me and not care about the CIs.  The truth is, that won’t happen.  There’s no way someone will get to know me without knowing about the CIs because I can’t get through more than one or two dates before something happens that clues them in.  I may not explain everything right away, but there will be some limitation that makes it obvious there’s something going on health-wise.  So how do you get past that fear of rejection?  How do you get past the fear of pity?

People do it every day.  I’d love to learn how.

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