Where’s the Friday fun?

Every Friday, it’s the same thing at the office: “Do you have anything fun planned for this weekend?”  I really can’t say, “Yes, I’m recovering from the physical exhaustion of being here.”  Somehow, I don’t think that’s the answer they want.

It’s Friday night, and movies, books, tv (especially Sex In the City reruns), magazines, and friends, all give the impression that a single 30-something in the city should be out having fun.  Now, let’s forget our personal preferences.  Some of us love bars, others prefer museums, still others would rather stay home.  The point is, it would be nice to have a choice, right?  Instead, most Fridays nights see me at home not because I want to be home, but because it’s necessary.  Working full time is exhausting.  By Friday, I’m just relieved to get through the day, get home, and collapse.  If I can spend the evening reading, as I did tonight, instead of mindlessly zoned out in front of the tv, I figure the evening is a success.

But go on a date?  Not likely.  Meet up with friends?  Very rare, and only with friends who understand if I need to crap out early.  Out to the movies?  A bar?  A party?  I’m too worn out for that.  But wait, I’m still young!  I wonder how things will be in 10 years.  Or maybe the new meds will work and I’ll be acting my age by the end of the year.  Ok, I know that’s unlikely, but I just want a shot at pretending to be “normal.”

So for all of those who are stuck at home, like it or not, on this Friday evening, I want to remind you that you are not alone.  We are not all Carrie Bradshaw, heading out in supposedly-stylish clothes (am I the only one who thinks most of her outfits were ugly?) to check out the hottest restaurants and clubs.  We’re not all heading down to the local bar for drinks and music with friends.  Some of us are honoring our limitations by simply giving in to them.  And that’s ok.  We do what we have to do to get by, right?  And hopefully a Friday night at home will lead to a Saturday afternoon out.  If not, that’s ok too.  Just find something to do that will make you happy, wherever you are.  At least, that’s my plan.

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