Being right is over-rated

I wish I was wrong yesterday, but I wasn’t.  Today sucked, and still sucks.  Waking up early for an unpleasant medical appointment is never fun.  Coming home late isn’t so great either.  Working at a boring, mindless job in the middle makes it all worse, especially when the boring, mindless job involves a lot of computer work, which only makes the pain worse.  The bright spot was that the pharmacy was really quick in filling the prescription that I don’t want to have to take.  And the boring, mindless job has good health insurance benefits, so I guess that’s a positive.  But no, I feel like crap, so I prefer to stay in a lousy mood for a bit longer.  Tomorrow I’ll be back to my happy, cheerful self.  Well, more or less.  Now, I’m just hoping to stay awake long enough to do some dishes and then go to bed at a reasonable hour.  Going to bed too early and throwing off the already-precarious sleep schedule will definitely not help things.  Ok, must stay awake, must stay awake, must stay awake……

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