The counter-productiveness of self-preservation

I need a job.  Well, I need an income, but I don’t have a trust fund or a wealthy spouse, so I guess I need a job. The more I work, the worse I feel, so I’m looking for ways to cut back my hours.  In the meantime, I have a basic 9-5.

I also need doctors.  Like it or not, I need them.  This week, I need them to help me find a new long-term treatment.  This is not a pleasant prospect.

So on top of having a lousy appointment to discuss long-term treatments which will no doubt have horrible side affects, I also have to wake up an hour early for the appointment, which will make me feel horrible all day, and then I have to work an hour late to make up for coming in late due to the appointment.  It’s going to be one long-ass day.

And that’s what happens when I try to take care of myself by balancing a job and my health.  Yikes.

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