What to do when the medication is gone?

May 13, 2015

Like many people with autoimmune diseases, I have a lot of overlapping conditions and many symptoms. My most limiting and disabling symptom right now is fatigue. The fatigue is caused by several things, among them strained adrenal glands. There have been just two things that have helped the fatigue, and I may lose both. Then what will I do?!

First, I have a form of sleep apnea. I got a CPAP machine that helpedĀ a lot!!! I loved that thing! Unfortunately, I 2014-04-23 11.03.16
developed a complication and now I can only use it for about an hour every other night. Don’t even get me started on the frustration with that! I’m still working with my sleep doctor on that, but he admits there are limited options for this particular issue, so I may just be stuck. Treating my sleep apnea would help a lot, and might be good enough that I wouldn’t need the other thing that’s worked.

The other thing is an over-the-counter supplement called Isocort, made to support the adrenal glands. It’s been amazing for me! A tiny pill or two makes me able to function fairly well every day! Sure, I’m not about to go jogging, get a job, or clean the apartment, but I can run errands, socialize, and justĀ feel ok. I love it! Unfortunately, they stopped making it. When they stopped, patient communities online were very upset. It was the go-to nonprescription solution for adrenal insufficiency. The prescription solution is a steroid, which causes all sorts of problems for many of us. When production stopped, everyone floundered. They found alternatives with varying success. I tried a form of the most popular alternative. It helps a bit, but not at all like the Isocort did.

I now have a 4-6 month supply of Isocort left. And then what? Will I have to go back to feeling that constant strain to function?

So now I feel stuck. I have some more options, but they feel unlikely to work at best. If Isocort was still in production I wouldn’t be worried. Sure, I wouldn’t want to be on it for the rest of my life for various reasons, but I’d be glad to use it for a few years if it helped. Oh, if only!

I’ll try more Isocort alternatives. I’ll keep working with the sleep doctor. But what will I do if they all fail?

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