Package excitement: oh how things have changed

There was a time when getting a package in the mail was an exciting thing. It still is. But in2016-03-30 12.35.09 a very different way.

As a kid, a package was a birthday gift from a far away relative. In college it was brownies and cookies from my aunt. As Amazon and other online retailers came on the scene not long after I left college, a package meant a book, an electronic gadget, or some other purchase I made for myself. I’m a bit embarrassed by how I wasted my money, but some of these purchases were really useful. Regardless, when I saw a box with my name on it, it was exciting!

I was thinking about this earlier this week when I opened a box and felt a different kind of excitement. It’s here! Finally! This box didn’t contain a book, an electronic gizmo, or new shoes. It wasn’t fun or exotic. It was….

New medical supplies!

An ASV is like a CPAP machine – it helps me breath while I sleep. )It’s used for an unusual form of sleep apnea called central complex sleep apnea.) Every few months insurance will cover a new set of supplies – a new tube and new mask. Right before I become eligible for replacements, I can feel the current ones losing effectiveness. So I was super excited for my new supplies. It meant breathing at night would be even better, and when I breath better at night, everything in my body feels better the next day!

Part of this change, of course, has to do with money, or lack thereof. I’m simply not buying stuff online as much. Part of it is age. Relatives don’t send gifts anymore. If they want to give a gift, they give a check. Don’t get me wrong, I love and appreciate checks. But they aren’t fun like gifts are. They aren’t surprising. (Then again, I also don’t get stuck with things I don’t like.) But part of it is my health. My healthy friends don’t get medical supplies in the mail. And most people who get medical supplies probably aren’t excited by them. But I’m excited by anything that makes me feel better.

And if that small improvement in health comes in a box in the mail, then you can be damn sure I’m going to be super excited!

What about you? Can you relate? How do you feel about getting new medical supplies? Please share in the comments!

2 Responses to Package excitement: oh how things have changed

  1. CJ says:

    Going to the health food store on discount days makes me feel like I’m buying little bottles of promise 🙂

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