Which is worse: knowing or not knowing?

My surgery was just over a month ago and for me, the worst was not knowing what to expect. Not knowing if it would work out ok. Not knowing.

For me, that’s always the worst.

But I was talking to a friend yesterday and she said the opposite. She has a surgery coming up that she’s had before and for her, the worst is knowing what to expect. She knows just how bad it could be.

To know or not to know- That is definitely the question.

When I don’t know my imagination runs wild, and what I come up with is always worse than the reality.

But what if it wasn’t?

Which do you prefer? Do you want to know what to expect or would you rather not? When you see doctors, do you ask them for ever detail you can think of (like I do) or do you get only the most basic of information, preferring not to know in advance?

2 Responses to Which is worse: knowing or not knowing?

  1. Jyl Milner says:

    I like to have a general idea – “most people experience X and Y after the procedure . . . ” but I don’t need every teeny tiny detail. I do a lot of research, have a medical background, and have fibromyalgia, so I can pretty much know what’s up and that my case will be worse than what “most” people experience because of the fibro. Hope you’re recovering well from your surgery!!!

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