The little stuff can still get to me

Sometimes I’m really calm in the face of annoying problems. I deal with big picture, major issues on a daily basis, so the little stuff just isn’t worth stressing over. Like the new pain I’ve been having recently. It’s been easy to stay calm IMG_20150131_111719over that. But every now and then something gets to me. And today it’s my broken wifi router.

When my router broke last month I was annoying. It was inconvenient. But it’s not like I could do anything about it. And anyway, those things usually only last 2-3 years, and mine was 5 or 6 years old already, so I couldn’t ask for more, right? I threw it out, ordered a new one online, and 2 days later I was plugged in again.

Then today I woke up to a broken router. What the….??? So now I have my computer plugged into the internet. It works. But my phone can’t access wifi, and neither can my TiVo. So I need to avoid using data on my phone, and I can be online or watch tv, but not both. It’s not horrible. It’s truly a first world problem. But it’s getting to me. The router is new, so it’s an avoidable problem, and that irritates me.

Pain and fatigue, not being able to earn a living, relying on others for help with everyday tasks…. it all puts life in perspective. It makes the small stuff matter less. But it doesn’t make us all immune to the small irritations in life. For me, internet access is often my one link to the outside world when I can’t leave the house. TV is my entertainment when I’m too tired to go out, read, or even talk on the phone. I need these things. And I’m pissed they’ve been temporarily taken away.

So please excuse me while I go figure out the router company’s return policy…..

Does the small stuff get to you? What kinds of things get you riled up?

6 Responses to The little stuff can still get to me

  1. I went through a whole period when everything in my house seemed to break at the same time:( )

    It was the toaster oven that finally did me in, on a morning I was running late and really needed that bagel!

    If nothing else, my post should give you a chuckle on a day when you probably need one.

    • chronicrants says:

      Oh wow, that’s terrible! I want to laugh, but you did such a great job of making it funny, but at the same time, I feel so bad for you while reading it! I hope you’re able to rebuild that emergency fund quickly. And you must feel really proud about having an emergency fund in the first place (too many people don’t)! I hope nothing else has broken since you posted that 🙂

      • We had the emergency fund because it was a settlement after my husband’s car accident. it’s all gone now.

        We were doing pretty good, until the back window of the house started to leak from the air conditioner, resulting in a window that still needs to be replaced and walls that need to e re-plastered.

        And the kitchen faucet just failed, and the pipes were so old that my husband couldn’t fix it so we had to call a plumber.

        And there have been a couple of emergency vet bills for Puppy Cody – she has a habit of somehow splitting her dew claws.

        But other than that, it hasn’t been too bad.

        Of course, tax season is right around the corner …

        It’s Ok to laugh at my post. It was meant to show that sometimes all you can do is laugh at your troubles and hope they don’t totally ruin your life.

      • chronicrants says:

        Well you certainly have a good attitude about it all! That’s a whole lot to go wrong in a short time. I hope Puppy Cody is doing better now! Good luck!

  2. Casey says:

    I know those days…the worse my pain is, the more the small stuff gets to me 😦

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