Sadly skipping the 4th

This is a barbecue holiday. Well, barbecue and fireworks. That’s what July 4th is known for. You stuff your face with friends and then watch colorful explosions in the sky.

Well, that’s what others are doing today. Not me. Thanks to my heat sensitivity and the ridiculously hot and humid weather, I am stuck indoors with air conditioning. My body is much happier this way, but my mind isn’t. I’m bored and lonely. I have a friend visiting from out of town. He and other friends are all going to a bbq. I would go if it was 10 degrees cooler and the dew point was 15 degrees lower. Unfortunately, I can’t control that. A bunch of other friends are a bbq in Boston. After they eat, they’re going to watch the fireworks from the roofdeck. Again, I wish I could go to that.

It’s not my fault. It’s not anyone’s fault. But it still sucks. Knowing it’s no one’s fault doesn’t change the level of suckiness. So I’ll try to make the best of it. I took a cool shower earlier. I ate a nice lunch. In a few minutes I’ll do my physical therapy exercises. Then I guess I’ll read. So it’ll be just like any other day. Except it shouldn’t be. This isn’t like any other day. It’s one of the few national holidays that isn’t all about family and religion and tradition. Everyone is off work and everyone is celebrating. And I’m sitting my living room trying not to overheat.

Yup, it definitely sucks.

2 Responses to Sadly skipping the 4th

  1. Kerrilynn says:

    I did the same. It does suck! I also broke up with my boyfriend of 8yrs last fall and we went to his parents’ cookout every year and this year I just feel lost and alone.

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