The trouble with sleeping late

I had another bout of annoying insomnia last night. This just started in the past year and it’s baffling. I wake up around 4am for no reason that I can figure out, then I just stay awake for a couple of hours before getting back to sleep. Then I wake up around the normal time, just deprived of sleep. It makes no sense to me.

Last night was different, though. After 2.5 hours of lying there awake, I finally drifted back off to sleep. But instead of waking up around 9 or 10 am, I slept until 10:42! I would have probably gone back to sleep, but seeing those numbers on the clock forced me to wake up. My pill schedule was all messed up! And of course it’s a Saturday, so I couldn’t ask my naturopath for advice.

First things first, I took my thyroid pill. That always happens as soon as I wake up. But then, 1/2 hour later, should I take my regular dose of Isocort? It’s an adrenal supplement, and the whole point is to take it at certain times of day based on my adrenal function at those times. My cortisol is low in the mornings, so I usually take it when I wake up (1/2 hour after the thyroid pill to avoid conflicts.) But should I take it at 11:15? That was too late! I compromised and took a half dose. I didn’t think it would be a good idea to skip it completely.

I had to wait a bit longer to eat, so breakfast was going to be around 11:30. Maybe I should just make that lunch. But wait, I have pills that I have to take with food 3 times a day! Ok, so I had a really small breakfast and took my breakfast pills, and I’ll have lunch around 2pm.

But wait! Lunch at 2pm means I can’t take my next round of adrenal supplements until 3pm and that’s too late! I’m supposed to take them around 2pm, but I have to wait an hour after eating before I take them. So ok, maybe I’ll move lunch to 1:30 and take the pills at 2:30. That’s not too bad.

And the fiber I’m supposed to take 2 hours after the breakfast pills and at least 1/2 hour before the lunch pills? Well, too bad. I’ll just have to take it closer to the other pills and so be it.

Before all the pills, if I slept late that just meant I started my day late. When did it become so damn complicated?

2 Responses to The trouble with sleeping late

  1. run4joy59 says:

    Sleeping in will get you every time!

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