Gluten-free day 1: The merry-go-round

Drugs, physical therapy, hypnosis, more drugs, diet, tai chi, acupuncture, meditation, psychotherapy, herbal medicine, yet more drugs…. I’ve tried a lot of different “treatments” over the years, and so far some have helped a bit, but none has eliminated any of my symptoms.  At best, a couple have lessened the pain, but that’s about it.

Now I’m looking at what could be the holy grail of treatments: a gluten-free diet.  According to books, web sites, doctors, and the nutritionist I met with last week, this could be the key.  Of course, the logical, weary, tired part of me knows that this could be just one more false lead.  Still, I’d like to hold out a little hope.

If the books and experts and such are right, then gluten can triggers an autoimmune response in the body, and eliminating gluten and relieve that response and therefore the symptoms.  In six months I could have less pain, less fatigue, less nausea…. it’s almost too much to hope for!

I’m realistic.  I don’t expected to be “cured” or anything close to it.  But if I could get a little energy back, that would be the best thing I could imagine right now.  So I figure it’s worth a shot.  Even if this doesn’t work, it probably won’t hurt me.  I just had two days of worse-than-usual nausea from adjusting a medication dose.  Sure, going gluten-free is inconvenient, but if it works, I’ll gladly do it for the rest of my life.

So today was day 1 of being gluten-free.  It was what could literally be the first day of the rest of my new life.  I sure hope it is.

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