And the hip bone’s connected to the….

I never learned that song that kids sing to learn how the bones are connected.  I knew I should learn it, but I never got around to it.  Now, I’m trying to handle different kinds of connections.  The hip bone’s connected to the thigh bone, and all my meds are connected to each other.

I’m finally almost off of the steroids.  I know this is technically a good thing, since the long term side effects are bad, but the thing is, the short terms side effects are great!  Well, I’m not happy about the weight gain, but I LOVED the extra energy.  And the reduced pain.  And the lack of nausea.  Who wouldn’t love these things?  But the steroids do bad things to our bodies, so I’m going off of them, and all sorts of symptoms are coming back.  Among them, my other meds are getting messed up.  With the Prednisone going down, the thyroid med doesn’t seem to be doing its job right.  That will have to be adjusted.  And then the other hormones are off too.  I’m definitely getting symptoms which mean things aren’t right, but it’s not like I can just start changing things.  I need to wait a few more weeks to get the Prednisone out of my system, and that’s when it gets harder.  Every time I adjust these meds, there are side effects.  Even if the adjustment is right, my body freaks out for a bit.  I’m so glad I’m not working right now, because that would make it so much harder.  Still, I have to go back eventually, and I’d like to get this fixed first.  I wish there was a way to do it faster!  I just wanted it all fixed.  Now.  Meantime, my endocrinologist said that I was the second patient he’d spoken to today with hormone problems due to Prednisone and that it’s very common.  Well great, but that doesn’t help me now!

There are so many things we can’t control with these illnesses.  It’s frustrating when even the medications can’t be adjusted to compensate.  It’s logical and rational… and incredibly irritating.  I can only hope one day it’ll get better.


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2 Responses to And the hip bone’s connected to the….

  1. Karen J says:

    From 2-1/2 years later… ( 😉 )
    “Ahh! Patience, Grasshopper!”
    It *does* get better. and It’s sooo worth the short-term aggro!

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