Little things are really big

I came across this article in the newspaper this morning, about a local grocery store that is the second in the country to add Braille labels to its shelves.  I never noticed the lack of Braille before, but as soon as I saw the headline, I wondered why it’s taken so long to happen.

Braille labels probably seems like a small thing to many people, but for those who need it, it will make a big difference.  But then, that’s true of so many things, isn’t it?  Audible walk signals at intersections, smooth curb cuts, railings on staircases, ramps…. people who don’t need them just pass right by, but for so many others they make life not only easier, but manageable.  It makes me wonder what else we could, and should, be doing.  Did you notice that the Braille grocery store labels came about because of a first grader?  It’s that young perspective that we all need to have, to question everything, to propose solutions.  Maybe we need to get a group of children together to fix the inequities.  Either way, we definitely should not settle for the status quo.  We need to continue to change things for the better.  There’s always room for improvement, so let’s find the most inefficient areas and improve them.

I’m as guilty as anyone of sitting back and letting others do the work.  I contribute in small ways, but I haven’t stepped up in a big way, at least not lately.  I think it’s time for me.  What about you?

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