Why slow beats busy

I’ve always tried to be someone who stops to smell the roses, both literally and figuratively.  Maybe that’s why this caught my eye.

As part of my effort to find balance in my life, I just read The 4-House Workweek.  Near the end, I came across a poem called Slow Dance.  I think it’s worth taking a quick minute to read this.  Interpret it as you will.  For me, it was a reminder to appreciate what I’ve got now, since I can’t know what’s around the corner.  It was a reminder not to get caught up in life’s errands and chores at the expense of the important things.

In this American, middle class society, for many people it is a point of pride to be as busy as possible.  But when you’re running around being “busy,” what are you missing out on?  I’d rather slow down and appreciate life.  I’m not saying that it’s easy, but isn’t it worth it?

I think there are very few positives to my health situation.  One of the few is an understanding that the good things may not last and the bad things could get worse (or better) so just in case, it’s important to not take anything for granted.  What are you taking for granted now?  How can you slow down and appreciate it instead?

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