Health vs. Reputation: No Contest!

“The most important thing you have is your reputation.”


Yes, someone actually said that to me today, when we were talking about my health!  I was shocked.  I heard, “The most important thing you have is….” and I just assumed she’d end it with “your health.”  I can’t believe she didn’t!  I was talking to someone who works in a professional role dealing with employee health-related accommodations.  I wanted to figure out the whole short term disability thing.  She was saying that if I need it, I should do it.  It’s just that her reasoning was different from mine.  She was saying that it’s better that I take the time if I need it, than to stay in the job and let my work suffer.  She’s right.  She’s especially right because, legally, once I take disability they can’t fire me, but if I stay and do bad work, then they can fire me for sucking at my job (my words, not hers.)


She’s right, but shouldn’t the reasoning be that if I need the time I should take it, because the most important thing I have is my health, and I shouldn’t let it suffer for the sake of a job?  Shouldn’t it be that the insurance is there just for people like me, so we can use the time to get better?  Shouldn’t health always be more important than reputation?  I mean reputation matters (there’s no way I’d be writing this if my name was on this blog, for example), but isn’t it more important that we be healthy?


I guess everyone has different priorities.  Boy am I glad I don’t have hers!


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