Pain, pain, go away…

… come again, well, never

And just in time for the long weekend, the pain returns.  This sucks.  So much for lowering the steroids.  So much for the hope that Plaquenil might work.  I hope I can keep my plans for tomorrow afternoon.  It’s hard to know…. I may barely be able to walk.

Of all the many places I have pain, the toe pain is one of the more inconvenient ones.  Because of the pain in my wrists, I can’t use a cane or crutches, and a wheelchair is completely out of the question, so when the pain is bad, I limp a lot and try not to walk.  Combine that lack of movement with the steroids, and it’s no wonder I’ve gain a lot of weight.  Lugging around extra weight doesn’t help things, but it’s certainly not my biggest worry.

I had 3 other posts all planned out.  One is written, and two are composed in my head.  But then the pain, started.  I could feel it creeping up for the past two days, and then half an hour ago, it hit.  I know from experience that it won’t be going away too soon.  I just hope it doesn’t get worse too soon!  And I can’t think of anything else.  So tonight’s post is fairly self-involved, except I’m sure many of you know this feeling and may feel less alone knowing it happens to other people too.

So tomorrow, back to the higher dose of Prednisone.  Damn!  So close!

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