How sick is sick enough?

How do you define “sick”?

Ok, now how do you define it when it relates to taking time off work?  Are these two different things?

I woke up feeling lousy.  I thought about staying home, but dragged myself in to work anyway.  Why?  Well, if I thought that staying home would have helped me feel better beyond today, I probably would have done it.  This time, I don’t think that staying home and resting would have helped.  I tried it several days ago and it didn’t do the trick.  I would have felt better today, but not tomorrow or the next day.  Still, it was tempting to just call the boss, say I felt lousy, roll over, and sleep for another three or four hours.  Oh, that would have been nice.

How do you make these decisions?   It’s not easy if you work full time and have a limited number of sick days.  Besides, these sick days aren’t just for chronic illness stuff.  If I get a cold or sprain an ankle, I need to have some sick days left to use.  So what is “sick” enough to make it worth taking the day off?

Yet another reason why working full time with a CI sucks.  Anyone here disagree?

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