What world are the insurers in?

I can understand that if insurers think that a narcotic is dangerous, they won’t want to cover a 6-month supply for someone up front.  I get that.  Really.  But for a relatively harmless drug, which has no black market value whatsoever, what is the purpose in preventing early refills?  I’m not talking about filling it twice in a week, but something reasonable, like 22 days into the month.  Sometimes, it’s hard to predict when I’ll feel up to getting to the store.  Or I’ll be out of town.  Or it’s just too inconvenient to be constantly going to the drugstore.  Yes, there’s an option to get a 3-month supply, but only by mail order and only for certain drugs.  This is great if the drug is covered and the dose never changes.  For everything else, what’s the problem with letting me get a refill 22 days into the month instead of 29?  Are you really so worried that I’ll sell my birth control pills or thyroid drugs for some extra cash?  You think they’re good for getting high?  What possible reason could there be?!?

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