Quick reflexes despite it all

It’s probably not a good sign when the doctor is so surprised. Then again, it was a pretty impressive catch.

I had great reflexes and coordination as a kid. I played musical instruments, I juggled, and I played sports. Since I don’t do those things anymore, no one would know that I still retained a lot of that coordination.

Of course, I know it. It comes up occasionally. There have been several near misses on the road that I’m sure would have been accidents if I wasn’t so quick to hit the break or jerk the wheel. Sometimes I catch in mid-air something that I dropped.

Today’s catch was much less dramatic. I’d finished my rheumatology appointment and I was asking my doctor how her Thanksgiving was. She’s been my rheumatologist for over 10 years, so chatting like this isn’t unusual. She’d stepped away from her desk and I’d turned toward her. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her stethoscope begin to slide off the desk, bringing the papers underneath with it.

I turned, lunged, reached out, and grabbed it just as it was about to completely slide off the desk. She was impressed and amazed. Ok, maybe I was a bit amazed too.

The thing is, there’s a lot I can’t do anymore. I know it. She knows it. But we need to remember that there’s a lot I still can do. I need to focus on that.

I can’t use a pen to write several paragraphs, but I can type. There’s a lot I can’t remember, but a lot that I can. I can’t walk 5 miles but I can usually walk down the street. Sometimes these victories feel hollow, but they’re super important. Because like the things I’ve already lost, I’ll miss them when they’re gone.

My reflexes might not save me every time, but they’re still pretty damn good, so I’ll appreciate them while I’ve got them!

What about you? What abilities do you still have that you’re grateful for?

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