A little support goes a long way

I was having a tough day. I was exhausted, fatigued, and in a lot of pain. It all felt overwhelming. I was supposed to spend the night at my parents’ house, but just the idea of driving down to them felt like too much. With my mother’s encouragement, I went anyway. She knew I’d feel better when I arrived, and I was pretty sure she was right.IMG_20150724_195633

I rested for a while and finally got in the car with my things. I hit far too much traffic for 3pm on a Thursday, but after nearly two hours, I arrived at my destination – it took double the time it should have.

As soon as I walked in the door I got a big hug from my mother, a smile from my father, and warm greetings from two wonderful pooches. It shouldn’t have mattered. It shouldn’t have made me feel better. And yet, somehow, it made all the difference. After some cuddling with the guy above, I felt so much better. Some good homemade food, nice conversation, and tv rounded out the day and before I knew it, I was asleep on the futon with this cutie pie stretched out alongside me. There’s just something about cuddling with a dog that makes me sleep so much better.

The pooch has been great medicine, but my parents have been, too. The simple things help more than they know. Helping me to carry things, fetching things for me, and just generally trying to help me feel good showed me how much they care. They made me feel cared for. And that’s why now, just 27 hours later, I’m still in pain, but I’m less fatigued and my soul feels refreshed. I’ll spend an extra night here because I know that no matter how I feel, my parents will always do their best to help me feel better. So thanks Mom and Dad! You’re the best!

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