When friends and weather don’t accommodate the good days

There are good days and there are bad days. We all know that. Sometimes there are good weeks and bad weeks. I have good seasons and bad seasons. I’ll have good days in the bad seasons and bad days in the good seasons, but mostly I feel 2015-02-10 15.16.52good in fall and winter and horrible in spring and summer. It’s just the way it is.

That means that when my friends are all picnicking in parks, swimming at beaches, and throwing frisbees in fields, I’m at home feeling miserable. And when everyone hibernates in the winter, I feel much better and can finally go out. It sucks.

Still, I usually make the most of it. I convince people to go out in the winter, and I spend my time with the people who don’t mind so much. I also go to friends’ houses more, instead of making them come to mine like I do in the summer.

But that’s in a typical winter, and this winter is anything but typical. Three weeks ago I wrote about how silly people were acting as a storm approached. This is Boston. We get snow. We can’t panic every time.

Well, that was three weeks ago. Then the next week we got another huge storm. 2015-02-11 10.43.46And another the week after that. And another is due tomorrow. We’ve gotten more snow in the last few weeks than we usually get in an entire winter! The subway keeps shutting down, buses are running late, cars are buried (see that photo on the right? How many cars do you think are parked there? It’s more than 1….), sidewalks are narrow, curbcuts are blocked, intersections are dangerous as drivers can’t see around the mounds of snow, and for many people (including at least 3 of my friends) roofs are leaking. It’s a mess out there!

This means that 2 things are happening:

1) Plans keep getting canceled on the days of storms. I was looking forward to a singles party tomorrow night (Valentine’s Day) but that got rescheduled, and a brunch Sunday morning was canceled.

2) On non-storm days people just don’t want to go out, or can’t. My chronic pain support group usually has 15-20 2015-02-10 15.48.58people. Sometimes there are more or less, but it’s rare to have fewer than a dozen people there. Today there were 6. SIX!

Even my able-bodied friends find it difficult to get around these days. It’s just such a mess out there. Wait, I might have said that already.

So while I’m finally feeling pretty decent, able to walk around and get outside and do things, I find myself trapped at home, or unable to walk down slippery sidewalks, or not able to move my car, and there are very few people to spend time with.

They’re all looking forward to summer.

I’m just wishing for a milder winter.

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