Chronic illness logic: clearing snow at 11pm

Everyone uses different criteria for when they’re going to deal with snow. Usually it involves some form of “when I have to.” When you have a chronic illness, though, you have to pace yourself.

I need to drive my car tomorrow. It snowed last night. If I clear my car off* tomorrow on my way out, like I would have back when I was healthier, then I’ll be too tired to go where I need to Blizzard 2013go. If I cleared my car this afternoon, I would have been too tired and in too much pain to do the other things I wanted and needed to do today, including seeing a friend tonight. So instead, I did it on my way home from seeing my friend, at 11pm. Sure, it was late. I was tired. I was sore. But that’s an even better reason to clear the car! This way, I’ll be going to sleep anyway. With any luck, I’ll feel better after getting some sleep. If I was going to be tired and in pain and wanted to leave the house anyway, this is actually a good time for it!

And that’s how I found myself clearing snow off of my car at 11pm tonight. It’s a logic that I think only people with chronic pain and chronic fatigue and truly understand. It sure makes sense to me!

*Thankfully a neighbor did the actual shoveling for me earlier today, so there was a clear path out of my parking space. But I still needed to get 6″ of snow off of the top of my car, the windshields, the hood, the trunk, and the windows.

4 Responses to Chronic illness logic: clearing snow at 11pm

  1. Jess says:

    Definitely understand!! I shoveled halfway through the storm so the snow wouldn’t be too heavy when I really needed to do it.

  2. Lorna says:

    Makes perfect sense to me! No snow for me in the UK just damp and cold.
    Wishing you a lovely Christmas pain free as possible.
    Lorna x

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