From unconsciousness into pain awareness

Last night I went to bed thinking about the probable rain we’d get today. I made plans with friends a month ago, and they involved being outdoors today, so I was really hoping it wouldn’t rain.

Normally, I would wake up on a rainy Sunday and immediately enjoy the quiet, the peace, that we only get on rainy

Why must you hurt me, thumb?

Why must you hurt me, thumb?

Sundays in this neighborhood. No cars, no trucks, no shouts. The sound of rain against my bedroom windows. Heaven. Normally I’d enjoy that. Today was different. You’d think I’d have first thought about my ruined plans, but no.

The first thing I noticed was pain. I tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t, which made my brain wake up a bit – why couldn’t I sleep? The pain wasn’t that bad, and I’ve gotten good and sleeping through mild to moderate pain over the past 20+ years. I slowly realized that the pain was in a new place. Huh. That’s not good. I figured that’s why I couldn’t sleep. Every time pain appears someplace new, it takes me some time to learn to ignore it. As I lay there in the dark, I started to realize that this pain was different. Instead of pain in my joints, it was in my thumbs, above the top joints. This was weird. And it wasn’t the usual pain, this was a throbbing pain. And it was both thumbs. I never get symmetrical pain, so this worried me. And suddenly I was a bit more awake.

Cuddled under the blankets, I gave it some thought. What did I know? I knew that I had a new kind of pain, in a new place, and it was symmetrical. I could call my doctor, but I doubt she could do anything by phone. And the office is closed on weekends. Was it worth going to the hospital? Nope. I could wait. If was still a problem tomorrow, then I could call and be seen. But I still doubt they could do anything. How worried should I be? I had no clue. Maybe I should go back to sleep? I tried, but no luck.

And then I noticed that it was raining. It was quiet and peaceful. Oh shit! My plans had to be cancelled!

3 Responses to From unconsciousness into pain awareness

  1. jacksdavie says:

    pain truly sucks 😦

  2. Cameron Von St James says:

    Hey I have a quick question about your blog, could you email me when you have a chance? Thanks! -Cam

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