It feels great to do ANYTHING proactive!

I’ve been a proactive person for as long as I can remember. Sure, I procrastinate a bit. Ok, I procrastinate a lot. But when it counts, when it’s important, when I care, I really get things done.

In my personal life, I get things done. When the cable company wasn’t fixing my service, I called them and hounded them until it was fixed (and I received multiple apologies from them!) When I needed medical paperwork at school or at work, I always took care of it; even in middle school, I was careful to get notes from my doctors so I would be excused from gym class and in high school I took care of special arrangements for a non-standard SAT test and got note-takers in my classes. You name it, I did it. Even as a child, my parents knew I’d take care of everything and never interfered at school or at my jobs. They were there for advice and support, but I was the one who did everything.

In my professional life, I was even more efficient. Just watch a vendor try and stiff me on a service or not meet a deadline! One particular staff member had trouble meeting deadlines, so I broke down projects for her and sent reminders for each piece well in advance on their due dates. When something broke, I got it fixed. I got out ahead of problems and stopped them in their tracks.

I like being in control. I like taking steps to get things done. And that’s why it’s so hard to not have any control in my current situation. Of course there isn’t a ton I can do to control my health. I do what I can, but it’s limited. I want to see certain doctors and try certain treatments, so I get frustrated at financial limitations. But I’m trying. With the disability insurance, though, I’ve been completely stuck. If it was up to me, I’d call the insurance company every single day and bug the hell out of them until they approved my claim just so they could get rid of me. Unfortunately, I have to rely on my lawyer to work with them. I sit and wait and then wait some more. I get notices of delayed decisions and can’t call them up to find out why on earth there’s a delay. It’s infuriating.

So it’s no surprise that I found myself in a fantastic mood a couple hours ago. I spoke to my lawyer yesterday about the latest delay, which I found out about earlier this week, even though it took place more than two weeks ago. We discussed my lack of options. There’s no regulatory agency. Calling the attorney general won’t help. Calling my senator won’t help. Calling the company isn’t an option for me, and she already left a message (which hasn’t been returned!) Suing is my only option, and it’s likely to fail. They know there’s nothing I can do, so I asked my lawyer why on earth would they bother to do it at all? Why not just delay another 6 months? After all, even if they approve me, they do not owe me any interest or reimbursement for costs I’ve incurred. So why wouldn’t they continue to delay it? My lawyer had a good answer: to keep their clients happy. They don’t want to piss off my employer (well, former employer) by denying every claim that’s submitted. That gave me an idea: what if I called my employer’s benefits person and told her what was going on? My lawyer didn’t object.

And that’s how I found myself finally doing something useful today. After 2 days of phone tag, the benefits person and I finally spoke. The call was short, under 10 minutes, but it was enough. I told her my story and she was concerned. She took notes. She asked the right questions. She expressed sympathy for my situation. And then she said she’d email the insurance company to find out if the latest internal deadline of theirs was met. She warned me that they wouldn’t give her an answer because they would only give that to my lawyer. However, she felt that by asking the question, they would realize they were pissing off their client and would move their asses on my case. Ok, she put it in more professional language, but that was the idea of it. She promised to get back to me next week when she heard from them.

This may have been the push that changes everything. Or it may accomplish nothing at all. But at least I did SOMETHING to help myself. After so many months of just waiting, it feels great to do something to potentially move things along. I just hope it works!

4 Responses to It feels great to do ANYTHING proactive!

  1. anet37 says:

    That was really good idea you had. Going back to the source, and the persons who pay (including you of course). I am sure your company is in that program FOR the employees.

    I hope it works/lights a fire under them

  2. Tamara says:

    I’m so impressed with your attitude. I have to admit that I’m terrible at getting things done – I procrastinate and procrastinate (it is only once I get started I can get things done, and that usually takes until the last minute).

    I hope your actions help, it’s ridiculous the things companies put people through, just because they’re bigger and think they can get away with it.

    • chronicrants says:

      Oh, I procrastinate too. Right now I’m replying to comments instead of sorting through medical records 🙂 But I try to be more proactive on the important, timely stuff.

      Thanks for your support!

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