What an honor!

I’m thrilled and honored to say that I’ve been nominated for the Unsung Hero award!  Thank you so much to all of my readers, and to whoever anonymously nominated me!

Ideally, this is where I’d post an image for you to click on so that you can endorse me.  Unfortunately, as you can see, for some reason WordPress won’t accept the html.  Go figure.  But luckily I can link to the image, so just click here to see it (and to endorse me if you so choose, but that’s really not necessary.)

But for any who are interested, you can see more information about the various awards here.  And please consider nominating someone from our community.  It is a great way to recognize the incredible work that so many are doing.  I have nominated others, and I hope that you will to.

Again, thank you for reading!

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