Which treatment might have done it?

M scoffs at me when I refuse to try multiple treatments at once.  She thinks I’m just dragging my feet, trying to avoid being proactive.  The truth is, with other parts of my life that is totally true and she’s nail me.  But when it comes to medical treatments, she’s way off base – I just don’t want to have something work without knowing which treatment it is.  And if something goes wrong, I need to know which treatment it is then, too.

Today a relative asked me for the first time in a long time if my new diet is helping at all.  What could I say?  I explained that in some ways it’s definitely helping – the daily nausea is gone (woo hoo!)  On the other hand, my energy has also improved, and I’m certain that’s at least partly from one of the supplements I’m on.  But could it be from the diet too?

I’d broken my own rule and tried many things at once.  Unlike any time before, these multiple treatments were all recommended by my trusted naturopath, plus they were recommended in books I’d read and by people I’d met online.  Everyone said that this stuff was too important to wait, so it should be done simultaneously.  I believe they’re right, but that doesn’t lessen the mystery.

I’m continuing to spend a lot of time and effort following this new diet, because I’m sure that even if it’s not having an immediate effect, it will help in the long term.  As for the many, many supplements, I’ll continue those for now.  Something is working, and since I can’t be sure what it is, I don’t want to eliminate anything.  My naturopath’s plan is to remove me from all of them over time, and to even lessen the dietary restrictions, so I’m hopeful that one day it won’t matter at all what’s working.  Still, I’m curious: which treatment might be helping me?  And could one of them be slowing down my recovery?

2 Responses to Which treatment might have done it?

  1. rachelmeeks says:

    Something I hadn’t thought of before… very interesting.

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