Coin toss: the life of a CI gal

Decisions I was glad to make today:

  • Peaches or nectarines?
  • Wash dishes now or later?
  • Start reading the crime thriller or the mystery novel?
  • Answer emails or catch up on a forum?
  • Post that on Facebook under my real name or on Twitter under my anonymous name?  (Follow me at @CIRants if you’re interested.)
  • Watch more tv or surf the web?
  • Try to organize some friends to get together soon or wait until the weather cools off in the fall?

Decisions I wish I didn’t have to make today:

  • Leave the house to enjoy the great weather or stay in and keep off my painful feet?
  • Get the very expensive blood test that could help me a lot or hold off and keeping trying to find a way to get insurance to cover it?
  • See the doctor who most likely will not help me in the slightest or cancel the appointment and assume I was right to do so?
  • Write a letter about my life of chronic illness as part of my appeal of the LTD company’s denial or do whatever I can to put off facing my past?
  • Plan to pay for COBRA for my health insurance until the LTD decision is reversed (and they reimburse me) or start applying for Medicaid?  But what if the LTD appeal fails?
  • Endure the pain and maybe make it worse by going out to buy groceries tonight or take a chance that I’ll improve in time to buy groceries without the extra pain in a couple of days (hopefully before I run out of fruits and vegetables)?
  • Apply now for Section 8 housing or wait for the LTD appeal decision?  Or wait for SSDI?

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