My hero: mom

My mother has been my greatest supporter.  Mother’s Day was a few days ago, but as I wrote then, it was a bit hectic, so I’m writing about my mom now.  Of course, I really don’t need a special day to write about her; she’s amazing all year round.

My symptoms started when I was 12, so my parents were of course a huge part of things.  My mother took me to every medical
appointment, held me when I was scared, and helped me in every way she could.  When I couldn’t hold a knife, she cut my meat for me (and wow did I hate that; what teenager wants their mother cutting their meat?)  She let me yell at her when I was upset and angry.  I’ve taken a lot of emotions out on her over the years.

When all the doctors were saying they couldn’t help me, she pushed for me to see someone new.  When the doctors, and even relatives and friends, said that my symptoms were all in my head, she never believed it.  After a while, even I started to wonder if I was just making it up, but I never saw her doubt that my pain was real.  It was 11 long years before a blood test finally confirmed that the pain wasn’t a figment of my imagination, and she never showed the slightest doubt in all that time.

Even now, as my mother is getting ready to retire and move on to new adventures, she is always thinking of me.  I know that mothers always think of their children, but it’s more than that.  She checks on me, asks about my health, and still lets me lean on her when I am scared, confused, or just need someone to listen.  She advises me and supports me, even when she doesn’t agree with my approach.

My mother is smart, strong, and beautiful both inside and out.  She is the most spectacular person I know.  I am thankful for her every day.

Who supports you?  Who do you admire?  Feel free to brag about them in the comments.

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