What to say to illegal HP parkers?

Anger.  Disbelief.  More anger.  How can someone be so selfish, so arrogant, so self-absorbed that they think it’s ok to illegally park in a handicapped parking space?

I’ve written about this before and I’m sure one day I’ll write about this again, but it’s an important topic and one that seems to affect me often.  This time, it was last night.  I was in a lot of pain, but I was determined to go out.  For one thing, I hadn’t left the house since I got home at noon the day before.  That’s a long time to be stuck indoors.  Plus, if this followed its usual pattern, there was a good chance things would get much worse soon and I might not be able to leave my apartment for several days.  Besides, it was a singles party on Valentine’s Day!  Where better to enjoy some flirting?

I could barely walk, so taking the T was out of the question.  I knew that walking to the car would be tough, but if I could manage that, then I’d just have to hope I’d get a parking spot near the place.  Hopefully it would be the handicapped spot directly in front.

As I arrived at the place, I saw the car in front of me take the handicapped spot.  Damn!  There were no others, so I circled, and finally parked in a handicapped spot a block away.  It was not a fun walk (actually, limp) to the place, but I made it, and knew I’d just have to be careful to leave early enough that I could make it back to my car again.

After going through all of that, imagine how I felt when I walked past that car and saw that there was no decal on the license plate, and no placard on the visor or on the dashboard!  What gall!  I would have yelled at them, if I had any idea where they were.  I wanted to leave a note on their windshield, but I was too angry and I didn’t have a pen or paper.  They must have seen the sign – anyone who parks in Boston knows to check out the many complicated parking signs, and this one was pretty obvious.  So what then, they assumed it was ok?  That no one would notice?  It took 20 minutes for me to circle around twice, finally park, and then walk back.  And I sure as hell noticed.  How many others would need that space while this jerkwad was squatting there?

There is NO EXCUSE for illegally park in a handicapped parking space.  None.  Zilch.  Zero.  Nada.  It will NEVER be ok!

So back to the part where I didn’t have a pen and paper.  I’m thinking that I should start carrying flyers in my purse and in my car and leaving them on the windshields of offenders.  I’m ready to do it except…. I don’t know what to say.  Crazy, right?  Sure, I’m a talker and a writer, but this is different.  I want to come up with something that gets their attention and makes them actually think, or at least cringe.  I’m thinking I should go for guilt.  Here’s my first draft:

Because you parked here, someone who needs this spot can’t have it.  Be glad you’re healthy enough to not need it!

But I ran this by a friend and she said that it’s too earnest.  So what instead?  Your ideas please!!!  Post a comment here, tweet me (@CIRants) or send a note (msrants at gmail).  What can I say that will simply get someone to think a bit before they do it again?

I promise you, when I get the right line, I will print it on brightly colored paper and stick it on the windshield of every offending car I see.  I can’t wait to get started.


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7 Responses to What to say to illegal HP parkers?

  1. mll says:

    “Hey asshole! Park in a legal spot next time!”
    or “smile! the city cops are taking your picture RIGHT NOW”

  2. abcsofra says:

    If you have a cellphone with a camera…take a pic of the car in the handicap zone, take a pic of the license plate and call the police later. Just be sure not to dial 911 (don’t want you getting fined for using that number as they might not think this is a true emergency) and tell them you have photos and what the issue is. See what they say. Or better yet, call them ahead of time and ask what can be done legally when you notice these situations. Hope this helps. I am more the type…I don’t get angry…I get even 🙂 But…I do it legally.

  3. Lola says:

    I actually like your first draft. I say you write up different ones, expressing different levels of frustration. Ive thought of doing the same thing a few times. Although thank God it hasnt happened to me that often.

  4. joyfullnoise says:

    Down here in Maryland we call the police on them and they get a $200-500 ticket. 🙂 Our officers are almost always more than happy to do this service … as it’s the only way people learn. 🙂

    • chronicrants says:

      I call the police, but they don’t always come. Sometimes I’ll pass by the same car an hour or two later with no ticket on the windshield. Now I keep pre-printed notes in my glove compartment and I leave them on windshields 🙂

  5. joyfullnoise says:

    Down here in Maryland we call the police on them and they get a $200-500 ticket. 🙂 Our officers are almost always more than happy to do this service … as it’s the only way people learn. 🙂

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