The double standard of pursuing treatments

But they must have some idea how to treat you!?

I’m so sick of hearing that, but somehow I found those words coming out of my mouth today.  I hate when people say that to me.  I’ve accepted that there’s no straightforward treatment for my CIs, that the best we can do is slow things down.  I’ll never be “healthy.”  I can handle that.

But I hold my friends’ health to a different standard.  Sure, the doctors can’t cure me, but they must be able to cure everyone else!  Besides, my friend has a diagnosis.  They know what’s wrong with her!  Why can’t they fix it?!?

I get very protective over my friends.  She knows this.  And she’s known me for ages, since years before I had any symptoms.  So when I made that comment, we both just broke out laughing.  Imagine, Ms. R of all people suggesting that there must always be a cure!

It’s a double standard of sorts, but one that I’m fiercely protecting; I want my friends to be cured.  All of them.  Even if I never get better, that doesn’t mean they won’t either.  I want them to keep fighting for results.  And I’ll be there to support them the whole way.  I just hope they don’t give up.

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